Friday, June 6, 2014

I have at least one devoted fan who has never read any of my books. My sister Brandy is nine years old. She is brilliant, strange and intriguing. She is a world unto herself. To know Brandy is to love her, if you can keep up with her.
She is fascinated by my writing. Obviously she hasn’t read any of it. She may be brilliant, but she is also only nine. Even the things that wouldn’t be inappropriate are outside of her experiences. But she wants to be a part of it. She had the opportunity recently. She loves to draw, especially for other people. When she asked me what would make a good drawing for Dad, I told her to draw Nick and Herman. She knew who they were because she has heard us discuss the story. She needed a few details to work with. All I told her was that Herman was shorter than Nick and he has red hair. I also told her that she had to draw their car, Nick’s Siltrenne. All I told her about it was that it was colored red and white, it was an older car and that it was fantastic. Here was the result, a picture that Dad now keeps with his copy of the manuscript.

Not long after, Brandy wanted to draw something from “the book with the dolls.” After hearing me describe some of the characters, she put together a portrait of Lady Valerie and Caylee, along with Caylee’s friends, the three marionettes.

I’m currently writing a time travel story. To help with that, Brandy wanted to make some visual aids. I told her what I knew about the time machines so far. Anything sent through them is set on a platform, probably glass or transparent plastic. Of course there are dials or controls to program the machine. She drew several different versions, always from different angles. She had to redraw the best of them when I told her that the machine would likely have a computer keyboard attached to it. Here are some of her designs.

My favorite thing she has drawn for me recently is this one. She knows I love comic books and Captain America in particular. The drawing doesn’t mean as much to me as the words do though.