Friday, August 9, 2013

Porcelain Society

And now there are two. This new novel is something quite different from the other. Porcelain Society takes place in a world that is populated by living dolls. Their society has a hierarchy that is centered around the material a doll is constructed from. Ragdolls are the workers. Dolls of softer, finer cloth are wealthier, more influential. The royalty is made up of plastic dolls and the highest of the high, the porcelain dolls.

There are also children living in this world, flesh and blood children that are raised primarily by the ragdolls. The central character of the story is a girl named Caylee. Like all children raised by the dolls, she is educated and trained in ways that are intended to make her into a perfect child. Caylee has no desire to be a perfect child, so she is rebellious, or at least as rebellious as one can be in the dolls' world. Even a strong willed child has a terrible fear of the punishments the dolls can inflict.

This beautiful and ordered society has secrets. Caylee begins to see that and she senses a sinister side to it all.

This story, despite its setting in a beautiful doll world, is the darkest story I have ever written. The tragic nature of the struggle makes Caylee, a very young girl, as noble and courageous a hero as I will ever write.